About Women On Fire

Women Athletes On Fire goes beyond just a spark or a flame, it is the fire that ignites the soul. It has no boundaries, no limitations, no politics, just Truth, Our Truth. We refuse to be contained…

Who We Are

Ignited in 2021 by firestarter Jennifer Thomas, Women Athletes On Fire is for women who are trained athletes willing to take on any opponents, breaking free from social constructs and archaic beliefs, allowing themselves to demonstrate discipline, character, intensity and passion for what they do without holding back!

Women Athletes On Fire is not only a platform for wrestling promotions, it is also a talent agency where our superstars can be booked by other sports promoters or charity events. We are also open to working in movies, music videos, promotional events, conventions and television. Contact us to find out if one of our athletes will work for your project.

We go above and beyond all expectations, propelled by the passion in our hearts, mind, bodies and souls. None of us are “manufactured” or made to be the “Superstar,” we ALL are “Superstars” who are on a mission to ignite the passion in others while we fulfill our dreams.


As professionals from several areas of entertainment and competitive sports we have the ability to entertain crowds and create memorable events.


Powerful, dangerous and beautiful women showing off mastery of their skills excite fans and keep them wanting more.


We share information about our industries and what they require. We are great resources for anyone ready to ignite their own passion.


We are a group of women working together to achieve success and bring other women with us. We will not be stopped. Our passion can't be contained.


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